Cognitive Skills are Vital for Learning



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It is never easy to be the parent of a child who is struggling. You may be feeling stressed and overwhelmed and unsure of what to do to help. Or, even sad that school is so difficult for your child.

When children struggle in school we often just see the end result of the underwhelming performance with poor grades, failing tests and low standardized test results. We rarely get the answer as to why my child is having difficulties?

Mindprint answers questions such as…
• How does my child process and remember new information?
• Why does she get such good grades but bomb standardized tests?
• How can he do better in school?

Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania have developed a data-driven tool to assess learning skills. The assessment was normed and validated across 10,000 children ages 8 to 21. Students can take this one-hour test at home.

Using a series of online exercises, it measures ten core learning skills:

Speed Executive Functions Complex Reasoning Long-term memory
motor speed attention visual reasoning verbal memory
processing speed flexible thinking abstract reasoning visual memory
working memory spatial perceptions


Less than one week after testing, experts at Mindprint Learning will review the data and formulate your student’s unique learning profile. A member of Academic All Star Tutoring will discuss the results with parents.

Example of individualized study skills provided



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