How Does Online Tutoring Work?

It is really pretty simple!

  • Tutor and student are matched.
  • Student gets a link.
  • The tutor and student go into the virtual classroom using audio, video, and chat to communicate.
  • The live session includes:
  1. An interactive whiteboard.
  2. Ability to upload assignments
  3. Several options for asking and solving questions and concerns.

That is it!

What does the student  need for online tutoring?
  • A computer (desktop or laptop)
  • A headset or ear buds with microphones.  (Optional, but highly encouraged.)

What are the benefits of online tutoring?

1. Students today are very comfortable using technology to learn.

2. Tutoring in person to some students can feel a bit intimidating. Some students feel more comfortable interacting via a computer/tablet instead of sitting next to a person.

3. Online tutoring sessions can be as short as 30 minutes, instead of an hour for in-person tutoring.

4. Busy families and students often find it hard to have a tutor meet at their home. With online tutoring scheduling is often easier because parents do not have to be present.

5. Students still benefit from one-on-one tutoring (the most effective way to master a skill) with audio & text chat, along with a state of the art whiteboard. Students can even do file sharing and uploads on the whiteboard!

Unlike textbooks, online tutors can generate an unlimited supply of problems, which provides much more practice for students!

Unlike textbooks, online tutors can instantaneously grade the learner’s answer.

Unlike textbooks, online tutors can provide detailed feedback.

Why choose Academic All Star Tutoring’s online service?

1.  The online tutoring business is growing rapidly, so there are many companies that offer it. Many of these companies offer services for a much cheaper rate. And, there is a reason for that.

  • They do not offer voice chat because their tutors do not speak English at all or very well. This makes the tutoring sessions last much longer because communication is only done via text chat.
  • Our tutors are college educated, many with degrees in education, math or science. Completed background checks.
  • Many companies do not have a very good whiteboard interface, which makes tutoring frustrating and makes sessions longer (again).


2.  We are a reputable company that offers great tutors along with superb customer service.

3.  We offer the same tutor for each session to build a strong relationship and provide more effective tutor. If the tutor and student are not able to work well together, we will line up another tutor at no charge.

The next steps:

1.  Contact our director at 763-682-1281 or to discuss the tutoring needs.

2.  A tutor will be matched with the student based on subject and specific needs.

3.  Tutoring sessions are scheduled on a regular basis.