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“No parent can child-proof the world.  A parent’s job is to world-proof the child.”
Doug Flanders

October 14, 2015   Volume 3 : Issue 6
Hello-It sure has been a beautiful fall. One for the record books! And, now our children are already on fall break.

As a parent of two teenagers myself, I find it so difficult to stay on top of all the technology and apps that are out there. It is so overwhelming!

I recently heard Brian Housman speak at a convention that I went to in Louisville, KY. It was unsettling to hear the number of our youth that are struggling with pornography, sexting and all the news apps that promote anonymity. Please watch the link of a recent interview of Brian Housman. I’m sure it will be both eye opening and informative!

Enjoy the fall break with your family!

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All Star Achievement:

We used to live in the Lindstrom area for quite a few years before we moved to Buffalo. My oldest son still is friends with one of his preschool buddies. His friend is a junior also and took our PrepStar Premium class in Forest Lake at the end of August. He has always been a strong student and got a 28 on the first practice test for that class, which is a great score. Yet, after completing the class and taking the test on Sept. 12th, he got a 33! That is an amazing score!

Smart kid + good prep= GREAT SCORE!

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