Tutoring Works!
A recent study by the University of Chicago and Northwestern has found that private, in-person tutors are the most effective way to learn.
Online tutoring is very popular
because students are very
comfortable with technology.
It is so easy to do and very
Mindprint shows WHY a student is struggling and provides support tools.

Affordable One-on-One Tutoring

With Academic All Star Tutoring your child will receive one-on-one tutoring in your home. We tutor all grades K-12. We do not have any contracts or testing fees and our rates are reasonable and affordable! Whether your child attends public or private school or is being home schooled, we can help!


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In Person Tutoring
In Person Tutoring

Instead of driving to a learning center to work with a tutor in a small group, our tutors come right to your home.

Online Tutoring

Online tutoring is a great option for many families. The student and tutor interact live while using amazing technology.

Professional Dedicated Tutors

Our tutors have a minimum or two years experience teaching and/or tutoring one-on-one. We work on academic achievement as well as attitudes toward learning. We promote self-esteem and confidence. Our tutors are reliable and will find out what motivates your child to succeed and do their best in school!