PrepStar Classes Testimonials

Stock Photo by Sean Locke
thumbs up

“The teacher was knowledgeable, upbeat and passionate about the ACT.”

-Nicole, 2016 PrepStar Blast Participant

“It was a long day, but really worthwhile.”

-MaKenzie, 2016 PrepStar Blast Participant

“This class gave me great tips on how I can reach my ACT score goal!”

-2016 PrepStar Blast Participant

“I know what to expect and how to prepare further for the ACT.”

-2016 PrepStar Blast Participant

“The class is very straightforward and concise. It is a good resource!”

-Gabby, 2016 PrepStar Blast Participant

“I learned a lot of strategies that will help me.”

-2015 PrepStar Blast Participant

“She explained everything very well.”

-2015 PrepStar Blast Participant

“I now know the techniques I can use to get my goal score.”

–  Carly H. 2015 PrepStar Blast Participant

“She made it fun & entertaining—it did not feel like a 6.5 hour class.  She gave us great tips and related it to her experience.”

– Mika B. 2015 PrepStar Blast Participant

“I feel like I have more strategies to take the ACT and be more prepared for it.”

-Noah 2015 PrepStar Blast Participant

“I did not prep beforehand and I’m glad I have this knowledge now!”

– Naomi V. 2015 PrepStar Blast Participant

“I was really clueless.  I learned a lot of helpful tips and strategies.”

-2015 PrepStar Blast Participant

“Lots of good strategies that I hadn’t thought about before.”

-2015 PrepStar Blast Participant

“This class gives you the best strategies to get your best score.”

–Cameron S. 2014 PrepStar Premium Participant

“The class was long at times, but well worth it.  My score improved a lot.”

-2015 PrepStar Premium Participant

“My score went up 5 points after taking the PrepStar class!”

– 2015 PrepStar Premium Participant

-“I really enjoyed learning about the breakdown of the questions and numbering each type of question. It lets you decide what types of questions are worth investing extra time and which ones are best to simply guess.”

-Sydney, 2016 PrepStar Premium student

“It may not be the most fun way to spend time, but it is amazingly useful.”

– Divon, 2016 PrepStar Premium student

“I felt that by taking the practice tests, I’m more comfortable now and the tips were very helpful.”

-2016 PrepStar Premium student

“I’ve gotten faster at taking the test and the tips really helped me.”

-Hanna, 2016 PrepStar Premium student

“If someone wanted to raise their score, then I would definitely recommend this class.”

-Blake, 2016 PrepStar Premium Participant

“I learned a lot more than I thought I would and I actually feel confident about the ACT.”

-Nick, 2016 PrepStar Premium Participant